The Peers connecting the people

Story of life and hope – a young doctor and his peers who work diligently on home healthcare.


“We will provide healthcare at each patient’s favorite place so that they can live their own lives peacefully and happily until the end of their lives”.

The movie “Care Nin - Thank God You’re Here…” was released throughout Japan for more than a year from 2017, with more than 800 screenings inside and outside Japan. Now its production staff gathered together and completed production of the movie “Peer” with a theme of home healthcare and caregiving.
It is an original story written based on interviews accumulated from many occasions and sites from various fields, mainly with doctors involved in home healthcare. It depicts hard work in home healthcare, nursing, and attendance at a deathbed in growing stories centered on a young doctor and care manager working together, along with various specialists such as a care worker, visiting nurse, pharmacist, dentist, dental hygienist, administrative dietitian, and rehabilitation specialist in cooperation with each other as a team. Its touching and heartwarming story born here with laughter and tears, depicting the preciousness of the connection with the people and region, will positively change your life.


“We will support their last wishes.”

Masato Takahashi, a young doctor had to resign a university hospital to succeed the clinic of his father who fell ill. He unwillingly agreed to his father’s request to provide care visits in the region, however it was hard for him to get interested in providing healthcare for the local patients and their families. This prideful doctor also did not cooperate well with other specialists in the region such as a care manager and care worker, which isolated him in the healthcare of the region. One day, he encountered a patient family during a care visit, and his ways of thinking as a doctor started to change little by little…


Yoshihiko Hosoda Wakana Matsumoto Asuka Kawatoko
Junki Tozuka Toshinori Omi Maki Mizuno Tkeshi Masu


Director: Shinya Ayabe
Theme song: In this town, by Kazunori Tachibana
Planning and Original and producer: Hideyuki Yamakuni
Writer: Mamiya Fujimura Hideyuki Yamakuni

Planning/Production Committee: Wonder Laboratory, Inc.
Copyright © 2019 “The Peers” Production Committee
2019 / Japan / Color / 5.1ch / 99 minutes
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